Fiber to the home

Gigabit Fiber Optic Internet

Glass Fiber

  • 12 month contract

  • Fairly Priced

  • Reliable

Pricing Plans - Fueled by EU

For subscribers eligible to the Department of Electronic Communications subsidy.

  • Fiber 300
    40/ month
    • 300Mbits Download
    • 80Mbits Upload
    • €10 monthly coupon included
    • Subsidized for 12 months
  • Fiber 500
    50/ month
    • 500Mbits Download
    • 120Mbits Upload
    • €10 monthly coupon included
    • Subsidized for 12 months
  • Fiber 1000
    65/ month
    • 1Gbit Download
    • 250Mbits Upload
    • €10 monthly coupon included
    • Subsidized for 12 months

Installation Options

  • Installation
    • Dual Band Router
    • Fiber optic
    • Professionally installed
  • Booster
    • Dual Band Router
    • Cabled in the main router
    • Signal booster for another floor
    • Existing Customers
    • Upgrade to
    • Fiber Equipment

Important Requirements

This service is offered through the Glass Fiber optic cable that is being currently expanding. We can offer a free site survey to assess your building.

  1. The Plan is valid for all natural persons (owners or renters) who do not yet have either a broadband services connection or a connection speed of at least 100 Mbps and live at an address where the subsidy is available. Each Beneficiary is entitled to a single connection for each premises.
  2. Provision of the offer falls within the framework of the ‘Cyprus National Broadband Plan’ of the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy’s (DMRID) Department of Electronic Communications (DEC). Further information regarding the ‘Cyprus National Broadband Plan’ is available at
  3. Provision of the subsidy requires approval by the Department of Electronic Communications.
  4. Further to paragraph 1, the subsidy concerns:
    • New Subscribers: A new Fiber Internet service connection with a 12-month Contract
    • Existing Subscribers: Upgrading of their existing Subscription, to the Fiber Internet service with a new 12-month Contract.
  1. Subscribers benefitting from the subsidy will receive a discount of €10/month for 12 months. The discount amount for 12 months will be covered by the Department of Electronic Communications’ subsidy. Thetotalsubsidyamountis€120.
  2. The offer cannot be combined with other Ecotech promotional activities and/or discounts.
  3. In instances where the Subscriber terminates the Contract early for whichever reason, the Subscriber shall be obliged to pay the Company the amount owed for Services rendered according to the ‘Cyprus National Broadband Plan’ offer’s early termination table, in addition to an Administrative Termination Fee according to the Company’s Pricelist.
  4. In instances where the Contract is terminated early, the offer shall cease to be in force and will be modified, replaced or, depending on the case, immediately and rightfully terminated as an ancillary Contract. In case of termination, there is an Administrative Termination Fee according to the Company’s Pricelist valid at that time.
  5. The subsidy amount will be deducted from the Subscriber’s monthly bill.
  6. The Subscriber has the right to add any additional service without subsidy.
  7. Upon completion of the 12-month Coupon, the Ecotech Internet service’s basic monthly subscription fee will be that valid for the service according to the Ecotech pricelist valid at that time.
  8. The provision of Services is governed by the General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services, the Special Terms for the Provision of Ecotech Services and these Special Terms.
  9. All prices include VAT.
  10. Any offer of Services in kind is valid exclusively for the period during which it is specifically offered and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit or discount for other Services, nor can it be exchanged for other Services.
  11. Ecotech reserves the right to reject any application at its absolute discretion.